Sacred Bodywork Therapies

Sacred Ayurvedic Bodywork is a signature style of treatment developed by the Maharani Academy. It is based on a deep understanding that the body is by nature energetic and transformable. The body is our sacred temple. Ayurvedic Sacred Bodywork uses reparative and rejuvenating therapies that transform the body, mind and spirit, with a particular emphasis on nurturing and soothing the nervous system.

Healing occurs on multiple levels during a session as we implement different modalities, such as touch/bodywork, sound/mantra, herbs and aromatherapy, to nourish all the senses.

Marma therapy is vital in Ayurvedic Sacred Bodywork and gives us intimate familiarity with energetic centers of the body.

Ayurvedic Sacred Bodywork uses the knowledge of Marma points to consciously funnel energy in a particular way, to direct its flow toward creating more balance both physically and emotionally. This artful healing technique is perfected more fully in the ritual of Panchakarma ~ Queen of all bodywork therapies ~ ancient Rejuvenation Cleansing for all five senses.

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