Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurveda, is considered the Mother of all Healing and is the “Science of Life” and longevity. It covers all aspects of living a human life: body, mind and spirit. It describes proper conduct from the moment we arise to when we go to bed, how we relate and interact with the seasons and cycles of our life. Ayurveda offers natural and non-invasive methods of living treatments and lifestyle based on individual constitutional body types.
Ayurveda teaches that everything in the universe is made of the same elements. Because everyone and everything is made of the same elements we are all connected ~ there is no separation between oneself and the surrounding world. We are connected to the initially to our Higher Self, to the family and people around us, to our food, environment and culture in which we live and ultimately the entire universe.
To be truly healthy, it is important to live in accordance with our environment. All aspects of life, including daily routines, diet, exercise, relationships and even professions have an impact on our lives and can create imbalances in our mind-body system. Celebrating our inner and outer connectivity ensures good health.

The first time you meet with Michelle, we will meet for approximately 1 1/2 hours. The consultations include a thorough health intake to determine your unique mind/body constitution as well as current imbalances. Based on the results of assessment, Michelle will offer specific recommendations for your lifestyle, nutrition, herbal supplementation, yoga/exercise, breathing, cleansing, Ayurvedic body therapies that will help balance the body and create optimum health and wellness.

After your first appointment with Michelle we will schedule a 45 minute to an hour for a follow up appointment 2-6 weeks after your first consultation. This will be an in depth discussion on the results from the previous weeks, review imbalances or symptoms and assess client’s current state, noting the changes taking place within the clients body. At this time, a treatment plan and further lifestyle changes are suggested if need be.

Sessions maybe scheduled either in person or through zoom.

Consultation: $108

Subsequent Follow-Up Visits:

  • 45 Minutes ~ $75
  • 30 Minutes ~ $55
  • 15 Minutes ~ $35


We will meet via Zoom or phone for your appointment. Please note, all appointments will take place in Mountain Standard Time.

To schedule an appointment please email mberrybliss@protonmail.com or call 406-270-2496

Below are some testimonials from Michelle’s clients.

Michelle, I want you to how how much I value your grace and kindness, support and love!! You have changed my life through the lease of Ayurveda. Blessings to you.

Love, Penny

Michelle, you are a beautiful, warm, caring person. Thank you for providing exceptional lifestyle guidance during my consultation and ongoing support. The added skill and knowledge of plant medicine was a bonus as well. It has been a treat and a pleasure to work with you!


Michelle, your gift of Spiritual Nutrition and Ayurveda has fed me physically, emotionally, nutritionally and spiritually. My gratitude is deep and complete. Many blessings abound for you and yours always, in all ways.

Namaste, Belle

Thank you Michelle for your loving care for my health issues. A fear response came up and your strength, clarity and wisdom helped me relax so that I could focus on my personal self growth and healing. May the blessings you have given me return to you and your family 100X more!

Love, Mary