My health journey started when I was a teenager, struggling with chronic pain and searching for the answers to my own healing. My curiosity deepened when I was working with autistic children at a local elementary school, I felt like I couldn’t help them truly heal in the public education system and after many direct experiences with how food affected the children, I started to be interested in a raw vegan diet. To further deepen my journey, my parents were both diagnosed with cancer, I became interested in juice fasting and cleansing. Armed with a juicer and a passion for those quiet moments spent creating in the kitchen, I began to uncover my health truth through purposeful cleansing and eating a plant-based diet.
Alchemist at Omkara a wellness and beauty company that sells beauty care products and amazing supplements. It is a joy of mine to lead seasonal cleanses using the knowledge I have gained through Spiritual Nutrition Masters Program, Conscious Eating  as well as Ayurveda. Yes, our diet and lifestyle choices are powerful medicine, and is a tool for personal transformation, global revolution as well as human evolution.
Food and cleansing has been a way for me to help empower people about taking charge of their health in a holistic way. By looking at each persons individual nutritional needs. Diet and lifestyle is an excellent tool for change. Sharing my knowledge in sattvic living and teaching individuals how to reconnect with their own inner wisdom through personalized wellness coaching, guided seasonal cleanses. Awakens the need for change in peoples lives every bite of life has the ability to raise conscious awareness can alter our physical self and spiritual self which in turn affects our relationship with every aspect of being alive. We can assist and co-create in the healing of ourselves, interpersonal relationships, family systems, society, nations, and the world. Simple conscious changes to our diet and lifestyle brings multidimensional results to our overall state of wellbeing.


Please feel free to contact me at mberrybliss@gmail.com

I am not a teacher, but an awakener.

-Robert Frost



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